Option Bingo Consulting (P) Ltd. is a startup company recognized by the Govt. of India under companies act, formed with a clear vision of providing world class tools for stock market traders and investors. We are passionate about markets and trading especially options. This passion has led us to develop optionbingo.com which gives a never before opportunity and platform to common investors and traders interested in Indian markets to search and build optimized options trading strategies suiting their risk profile and trading competencies.


In optionbingo.com you can search and build same kind of powerful options trading strategies that are widely used by professional traders and financial institutions and hedge funds. The tools available in optionbingo.com will help you to better manage your risks and stay in control while trading options.


Did we forget to mention that our company is totally debt free and is committed to create exciting products in future for options trader community?

We truly believe that OptionBingo.com will revolutionize the way people trade options in India.


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Phone : +91.96500-66244 (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM excluding holidays & Sundays)
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email : dilip.kumar@optionBingo.com


email : info@optionBingo.com



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