What optionbingo.com is about?
  What all exchanges are covered in the website?
  Are the strategies and prices displayed on the web-site are real time?
  At what time of the day options strategies database gets updates?
  Is it a paid or free site?
  What are the payment options available?
  Can I execute trades from this website?
  I have forgot my password what should I do?
General Information
  Can I trade options on any listed stocks/Index?
  Is it possible to trade option contract in any quantity I want?
  Where can I get the lot size information?
  Where can I see the list of tradable options and their strike prices?
  Where can I find the historical options prices?
  Do I need knowledge of advanced mathematics to understand options?
Options Basics
  What is an Option?
  What is a strike price?
  What is a premium?
  What is a lot size?
  What is options expiry?
  What is a call options?
  What is a put option?
  How to decide whether I should buy/sell call or Put options?
  How can I benefit from buying a call option?
  How can I benefit from buying Put option?
  How can I benefit from selling a call option?
  How can I benefit from selling put option?
  Who is an option writer?
  Can anyone write(sell) options?
  If buyer of the call option has right to buy the stock and seller of the call option has the obligation to deliver the stock does that mean seller cannot close out his/her position before expiry?
  How is employee stock option different than standardized (ordinary) options?
  What is the difference between Futures and Options?
  What is ’Buy to open’ and ‘Sell to close’ mean?
  What is ’Sell to open’ and ‘Buy to close’ mean?
  What is the difference between American & European style options?
  What is the difference between Stock and Index options?
  How can I find out if a particular option is American style or European style?
  Are both American style and European style options available for trading in Indian markets?
Options moneyness & value
  What are in-the-money options?
  What are out-of-money options?
  What are at-the-money options?
  What is intrinsic value of the option?
  What is time value of the option?
Open Interest and Trading Volume
  What is open interest?
  Is increased open interest bullish?
  What is the difference between volume and open interest?
  What does liquidity mean?
Options Price Behaviour
  I bought 1 lot of XYZ 100 strike call option at 20 Rs when stock was trading at 90. Now the stock is trading at 120. The stock is up 30 Rs but why my option is trading at 40 (up only 20 Rs). Why the option did not move as much as the underlying stock?
  Who decides on the option price (premium)?
  How could I know whether the price of a particular option is cheap or expensive?
Exercise, Assignments & Square-off
  What does Option exercise mean?
  What is the difference between square off and exercise?
  Under what circumstances I should square off vs. exercise?
  Can I exercise anytime or I need have to wait until the expiration day?
  I have taken a position on an European style option. We know European style options can’t be exercised before expiry, so can’t I close my position before expiration day if I want?
  If I exercise an in-the-money call option, how soon I can sell the underlying stock?
  If I am holding an option and its value has increased i.e. I am making profit right now, Do I need to hold it until expiration? Will be a good move to book close out the position and book profits?
  What is options assignment?
  What will happen if I have an open option position during options expiration day and I have neither closed my position not excised?
  Can I revoke my order to exercise options?
  How do I know if I could get assigned (or exercised)? What is the likely hood of getting assigned?
  Can I avoid being exercised or assigned?
  I bought an index option which is a European style option. Does this mean I cannot close my position until expiration?
  If I initially shorted an option and later covered my short that is bought back my call option. Can I still get assigned?
  If I hold options until the expiration day will I get exercised automatically?
Corporate Actions (Split, Merger, Dividend)
  I own a Call option on a stock. A dividend was announced on the stock. What will happen in this case?
  What will happen if I hold an stock option and a decision is taken to remove that stock from Futures and options category?
Options Strategies
  Both ‘Buy Call’ and “Sell Put” are bullish strategies. Which one should I choose?
  Both ‘Buy Put” and “Sell Call” are bearish strategies. Which one should I choose?
  I sold a call option and received a premium for that. If I get exercised do I need to give back the premium to the buyer?
  What are options spreads?
  Can an individual person be both long and short the exact same option at the same time?
  What is margin and why there is a need for it?
  What is options volatility? Does change in volatility affect margins? If yes how?
  How can I find out how much margin is applicable for an options?
  Will I get margin benefits if I have positions on different underlying?
  Will I get margin benefits if I have positions in both futures and options on same underlying?
  Will I get margin benefit if I have counter positions in different months on same underlying?
Options Geeks
  What is option DELTA?
  What is option GAMMA?
  What is an option VEGA?
  What is an option THETA?
  What is theoretical value of an option?
  What are Binomial and Black-holes equations?
  How important is it to use options geeks?
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